Lighting Rig

Down Stage: 10x Chauvet R1 Beamwash

Mid Stage: 8x Chauvet R1 Beamwash, 12x Elation Dartz360

Upstage: 6x Elation Picassos, 12x Chauvet R1 Beamwash, 7x Mega Systems Circa Scoop

Floor Package: 6x Elation Picasso, 8x GLP X4 -20 Bar, 4x Megalite Circa Scoop

Lasers: 5x X-Laser 5 watt Skywriters

Control: MA2 Lite or Onyx NX2


Behringer X32 Producer (currently at 24 xlr inputs)

X-LIVE Recording/Playback X32 Expansion Card

Router for iPad control (artists can bring their own iPad to control their own mix if desired)

1x V Pack Arena

2x V Beat

4x V7X

2x SE4400

2x VR1

6x V7

Camera Package

Our inhouse video system is run through Vmix,

4 HD-SDI inputs into the system.

Main Operated Camera: Panasonic AG-CX10

Wide Front Shot: PTZOptics 1080p ZCAM Camera

45 Shot: Sony NX 5U

Cool concert lighting

“Lite” Package

Includes use of the space and lighting rig along with having a lighting designer and production manager on site during your shoot.

This is a great option if you already have someone who you’d like to have shoot and edit your performance with their own camera package, or for use in a photo shoot.

Drum set under concert lights

Full Package

Includes everything in the “Lite” package as well as our in house Audio and Camera package. This package also includes two extra crew members to man that package.

This package is what you want if you are looking for turnkey livestreams as well as a multitrack recording.